Welcome to Pennsylvania's Covered Bridges


Welcome to the Pennsylvania Covered Bridge web site, we are dedicated  to the preservation and restoration of all remaining covered bridges through out the United States. Nearly 14,000 authentic wooden covered bridges once existed in our Nation. Today less than 900 remain. Time and technology took its toll on the bridges until recent years when Federal grants came available for states to restore and rebuild many of the historic structures. Many of covered bridges are being destroyed by Mother Nature and at the hands of arsonist plus those that were on the verge of collapse.

Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana and Vermont have a combined total of over 550 authentic covered bridges with Pennsylvania leading with over 197. Many of the covered bridges still standing are over 150 years old.

The historic data given here is as accurate as I could find through out my researching the bridges. Finding correct information about covered bridges is a never-ending process. There are a lot of different books in PDF about covered bridges. Try out our pdf compressor to reduce pdf books about bridges and to read them on your mobile device. There will always be conflicting documentation regarding year built, builder, length of bridge, truss type and even the waterway it crosses.

 I do hope everyone will appreciate the historical value that these bridges represent for the state of Pennsylvania and through out the United States.

To better familiarize yourself with the “Whys” for covered bridges I suggest you read the page History/Design which will give you a general knowledge of why these bridges were built and how and the folklore that surrounds them.

Please feel free to contact us at anytime for directions to any of these fine structures. We have traveled many back roads armed with Pennsylvania Road Atlas, County maps and directions documented in books written about the bridges, and we still got lost on occasions. They say that getting lost out in the back country is half the fun looking for these bridges, I feel when you are dealing with light to get a good photograph you need to be there at a specific time. My advice to anyone who is interested in photographing these beautiful historic bridges and finding them in less time should invest in a GPS unit, I can say after using one I will never be without one again, they are the greatest thing that came down the pike. Many sites on the net have coordinates for each of the bridges and nothing can be more simple. 

If  anyone has any information about restorations or destructions of any of the covered bridges in Pennsylvania please email me.

I will accept photos of any Pennsylvania Covered Bridge that are not displayed here. I would also like to have any up dated photos of any of the bridges I have on my site. I will give credit to the individual if I use the photo. Please send photos in 8X10, jpeg and 150 resolutions.