Adams County

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July 2008 and a hot summer day found me on my way to Adams County to photograph their four covered bridges still existing. The first bridge proved to be a nightmare to find, I never spent so much time going up and down the rural route roads, but being 2 hours from my home base I was determined to find it no matter what. The directions you get from other sites that have been there don't always prove to be reliable, as in this case more time was spent talking to the locals. I finally brought out my old reliable topographic map which proved in the past to come to the rescue, and surely enough we found the bridge, ( this is exactly why I stress using a GPS). When I first saw the setting and landscape I was really taken for it was so beautiful. I usually crop out any landscape that takes away from the bridges, but this proved to be quite the opposite, and I think you will agree when you view Anderson Farm Covered Bridge


Anderson Farm Covered Bridge

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(GPS N39 58.61  W77 01.51)
(# 38-01-05)

Anderson Farm is located just west of State Route 1007, Stoney Point Road near Lake Meade and on private property approximately 1 mile south of Bermudian in Latimore Twp. This bridge is very hard to give directions to and I highly suggest a GPS or a good Pennsylvania road atlas.  The builder of this bridge is unknown, the length is 79 ft.  and the  width is 14 ft. The bridge appears to be in very good shape and closed to all traffic. The bridge is used for storage by the present owners of the property This structure originally spanned Mud creek, it was moved to the point where it is today by a farmer named Anderson. You can see by the photos the landscape surrounding the bridge is breathe taking in a photographers eye, I was fortunate enough on this day to have the lighting where I like it.

Heikes Covered Bridge

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(GPS N39 58.81  W77 09.10)

The second bridge was Heike's and as luck would have it I had little trouble finding it. The bridge was on private property but along a rural route with enough space to pull off and get the images I needed. This bridge was very well maintained by the property owner and a real joy to photograph

Heikes bridge is located south of twp. rt. 585, Willow Lane, 0.2 mile east of State rt. 1016, approximately 2.5 miles north of Heidlersburg, between Tyrone and Huntington Twp. The structure was built in 1892 and uses the Burr truss, the builder is unknown. The bridge crosses Bermudian Creek and is 67 ft. long and 14 ft. wide. The bridge is not open to any traffic and is located on private land. This bridge is in a very beautiful setting crossing a quiet stream surrounded by trees. The farmer that owns and maintains this structure also uses it for storage. The landscape is very well taken care by the present owner. Another bridge worthwhile seeing and photographing.

Saucks Covered Bridge

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(GPS N39 47.84  W77 16.57 )

Saucks bridge is located on Twp. route 405, Pumping Station road, in Freedom Twp. where it meets Twp route 509 in Cumberland Twp, just south of State route 305, just west of Eisenhauer National Historic site. and Gettysburg National Military Park, between Cumberland and Freedom Twp's. The bridge was built in 1854 by David Spooner using the Town truss and utilizing one span. The structure is 100 ft. long and 15 ft. wide, and it is only open to foot traffic. The bridge crosses Marsh Creek and is owned by Gettysburg Battlefield Preservation Association.

I have over the years read many articles on Saucks covered bridge, now I was finally going to be able to photograph this magnificent structure. When I first arrived at the bridge I was really taken back by the landscaping and the grandeur of  this bridge. All I had read could never do justice of what I had before me to photograph. If I never got another photo of a covered bridge, at least I could say I photographed Saucks.

The bridge was known as Sauck's  during the Civil War, it was built using oak and pine. The bridge was repaired in 1997 after heavy rains washed the bridge from it's foundation and carried it approx. one hundred yards downstream.

On July 3rd and 4th, 1863 , the bridge was used by a portion of the Confederate army, in retreat out of Gettysburg, but is said to have been used by both armies during the time of the Gettysburg conflict.  Robert E. Lee had split his army into 2 sections, with one headed Northwest toward Cashtown, the other crossed Sauck's Bridge and headed Southwest.

The bridge is known to have been the site of a triple hanging at one end, and in close proximity to a crude post battle field hospital, the Sauck's Covered Bridge is a favorite of ghost hunters ( See Video) Others enjoy it for its beauty, history and quiet location, it is a favorite of photographers. 

Jack's Mountain Covered Bridge

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(GPS N39 46.04  W77 23.19)

Jack's Mountain Bridge is located on State rt. 3021, Jack's Mountain Rd., just northeast of the junction with Twp rte 303, approximately 1.5 miles south west of Fairfield in Hamiltonban Twp.

The bridge was built in 1890 by Joseph Smith using the Burr truss. The structure is 75 ft. long and 14 ft. wide and crosses Tom's Creek. The state owns this bridge and it is open to all traffic. This bridge was in good condition in July of 2008.

This is the only bridge in Adams County that is opened to vehicular traffic, the bridge sports a red light at each end to control the traffic flow on this one lane structure. Another very well maintained bridge and the last of four remaining bridges in the county.