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Bradford county holds claim to one covered bridge. Knapp's (Pa 08-01), Luther Mills bridge. It is a Burr Arch truss design. the builder is unknown. The structure was built in 1853, It is located off Rt. 6 on twp. Rte 554 (Covered Bridge road) in the village of Luther Mills. The bridge has been closed to traffic for sometime. But, because of the generosity of Pennsylvania  this bridge is under major re-construction to it's original state. Lycoming Supply, again, has taken on the project. And I can only say, if it is anything like what they have done with Rupert (Columbia county) it will  be another treasure for the historical bridges of Pennsylvania.

On September 3, 2008 I returned to Knapp's Covered Bridge on a beautiful sunny day in Pennsylvania mountains. What a gorgeous site I was greeted with when I arrived at the bridge, it is even more beautiful in it's magnificent mountain setting than I remembered. This of course is the highest bridge in Pennsylvania and crosses a very scenic gorge that drops 30 feet from the bridge to the creek bed. Bradford County can really be proud of this structure and Lycoming Supply can be proud of the job that they have done. The bridge is once again opened to vehicle traffic. "This is a Pennsylvania jewel.

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Knapps Covered Bridge

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(GPS N41 47.16  W76 33.19)