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Saint Mary's Covered Bridge

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(GPS N40 12.34  W77 52.66)
(# 38-31-01)

St. Mary's bridge was built in 1889 utilizing the Howe truss design. It crosses Shade creek in Cromwell Township. The bridge is 65 feet long and 17 ft. 6 in. wide. The county own and maintains the bridge. The bridge is open to daily  traffic. The condition of the bridge is excellent. The structure is well maintained and landscaped. This is one of the most beautiful setting for a covered bridge and the only remaining bridge in Huntingdon county. It is well worth seeing and photographing...

Location of the bridge is on Township Route 358, just east of U.S.Route 522 approximately 2.5 miles north of Shade Gap in Cromwell Township, directly across the highway form St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church.