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Of the slightly less than 200 covered bridges still standing in Pennsylvania, six excellent examples are community treasures in Lehigh Valley. Five of these, which are open for traffic, often are taken for granted when crossed by busy travelers every day. The Lehigh Valley Covered Bridge Tour will offer you an opportunity to journey back in time to a quieter, more idyllic way of life. 

Bogert's Covered Bridge

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(GPS N40 34.13  W75 29.92)

This bridge was built in 1841 utilizing the Burr Arch design. The Length of the structure is 145 ft and a width of 15 ft. It crosses the Little Lehigh river. This bridge is only open to pedestrian traffic. The builder is unknown. 

This bridge is located in Little Lehigh Park where it is maintained by the city of Allentown's park commission. It is just northeast of State Rt. 2007, South 24th Street Allentown, or Oxford Drive, Western Salisbury Twp. in Little Lehigh Park, Allentown, located between Hamilton Blvd. and Lehigh St.

With the beautiful settings and this magnificent structure it is very worthwhile to visit and photograph. It is one of the states finest, well kept covered bridges.

Geiger Covered Bridge

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(GPS N40 38.786  W75 37.411)

 Geiger's Bridge was built in 1860 using the Burr arch design, the length of the bridge is 112 ft. and width of 17 ft. It crosses Jordon Creek in Lehigh county. The builder of this bridge is unknown and Lehigh county owns and maintains this structure. This is one of five single span Burr arch truss ridges that crosses Jordan Creek. This bridge is unusual in the fact that it utilizes the portal design; this is the only Lehigh county bridge that uses this design and one of the few in the state. This bridge is open to daily traffic and in excellent condition, my hat is off to Lehigh County for the fine job the have to in the up keep of these beautiful historic structures....

The location of the bridge is on Township Route 681, Orchard Rd., approximately 2.5 miles northwest of Kernsville, in north Whitehall Twp. One mile northwest of Rex's Bridge on Twp Rt. 593, at a Y in the road, turn right on the gravel road to the bridge.

Manasses Guth Covered Bridge

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(GPS N40 37.778  W75 33.204)

Built in 1868 the Manassas Guth Bridge crosses Jordan Creek, this is the second of five Lehigh County covered brides that crosses the Jordan Creek. The length of the structure is 108 ft. and the width is 18 ft. It uses the Burr arch design.  The County owns and maintains this bridge. The builder of this bridge is unknown. 

I found this bridge to be in a most beautiful setting and very well landscaped. The small park that surrounds this bridge is very picturesque, the small spill way and ducks meandering around gave it a very warm and comfortable feeling...This bridge like all Lehigh County bridges is open to daily traffic.

The location of this bridge is on Twp. Rt. 602, Lapp Rd., where it meets Iron Bridge Road, approximately 1 mile north of Guth Station, In South Whitehall Twp.

Rex's Covered Bridge

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(GPS N40 38.094  W75 36.757)

Rex's was built in 1858 using the Burr arch design by builders unknown. the length is 116 ft. and width of 17 ft.. The bridge crosses Jordan Creek and is owned and maintained by the County. The condition of this bridge as of 2004 was excellent. It is open to daily traffic.

This is another beautiful structure that is well taken care of by the county and in a grand country setting. It is worthwhile photographing.

The location of this is on Twp. Rt. 593, Jordan Road, approximately 1 mile northwest of Kernsville, in North Whitehall Twp.

Schlicher's Covered Bridge

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(GPS N40 39.704  W75 37.606)

Built in 1882 this is the shortest and newest covered bridge spans in the county and the forth that crosses Jordan Creek. It utilizes the Burr Arch design. The length is 108 ft. and with of 17 ft. The builder is unknown. It is owned by the state. This bridge of all the covered bridges in Lehigh County was the least impressive. Landscaping around the structure would do it a world of good. The bridge is open to daily traffic.

The location of the bridge is on State Rt. 4007, Trexler Game Preserve Rd., approximately 1 mile southwest of Schnecksville, in North Whitehall Twp.

Wehr's Covered Bridge

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(GPS N40 37.721  W75 34.186)

Wehr's Bridge was built in 1841 by unknown parties. The truss is of the Burr Arch design and crosses Jordan Creek. The length is 137 ft. and a width of 17 ft. The bridge is maintained and owned by the County. This is one of the most attractive bridges I have come across in my travels, it is beautifully set along side a mountain that enters into a grand pasture and park. What a delight it was to photograph this historic, preserved part of our history...This bridge is open to daily traffic.

The location of this bridge is on Twp Rt. 597, Wehrs Mill Rd. where it meets River Rd. approximately 1 mile northwest of Stetlersville, in South Whitehall Twp.