Lycoming County

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The county does not have many covered bridges, but, the bridges they do have are very well maintained. Many of these bridges are used daily by local traffic. All the bridges of Lycoming are maintained by the County Commissioners....All the bridges are designated historical sites.

Cogan House / Buckhorn Covered Bridge

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(GPS N 41 23.90  W77 12.01)

Cogan House (also known as Buckhorn bridge) is located in Lycoming County, Pennsylvania, off Pa 184 west of Campbell Road, Route. 784, look for a street sign that reads "To Covered bridge". Follow the road for 1.3 miles . This bridge was built in 1877 of the Burr Arch design with a structure length of 190 feet crossing Larry's Creek. Cogan House bridge is in outstanding condition and open to traffic as of 2000, and leads to a dead end private drive near the game lands.  All three of Lycoming County covered bridges are taken care of by the Lycoming County Commissioners.

Buttonwood Covered Bridge

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(GPS N41 30.60  W77 07.82)

The Buttonwood bridge (also known as the Blockhouse bridge) was built in 1898 with the  multiple king truss variant design and the structure length of 169 feet spanning Blockhouse creek. The bridge is in outstanding condition with a new wood shingled roof and pressure treated floor. The structure is open to traffic all year long as of this year (2002). Located off Rt 15 north at the Buttonwood exit then make a left onto 284 east .6 miles to Covered Bridge road (T816) make a left and go .2 miles to the bridge.

James S. Fink Covered Bridge

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(GPS N 41 19 11.28 W 77 11 34.90)

When I first got interested in covered bridges I decided only to photograph and research the bridges that had historical value, and believe me there are enough of them to keep me busy. As it turned out I purchased a GPS unit and wanted to test it out, I did not want to go to any of my known bridges. I was introduced to J. Fink bridge by an elderly gentleman where I live and was told I owed it to myself to see it. I located the GPS coordinates and on a beautiful autumn day when the colors were at peak I found the bridge and as soon as I saw it I was in awe especially with all the color around. Enough said, you be the judge when you view the photos.

The bridge was built in 1986 utilizing a Stringer truss. It crosses Larry's creek in Anthony TWP. The structure is 62 feet long and is open to vehicle traffic, but it is on a private road and to view the bridge you must walk in about fifty yards. 

The location of the bridge is N.E. of Saladasburg, in Anthony TWP on twp route 973 it is located about 3/4 miles from the jct. with state route 287 in Saladasburg continue  on Water Company road 0.7 miles, when you see the big water tank the bridge will be located to your left about 50 yards.

Moreland / Fraser Covered Bridge

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(GPS N 41 12.447 E 76 38.168)

Moreland bridge (also known as Fraser bridge) is tucked nicely away down a country road just outside of the village of Lairdsville.  It is located on T660 then to Dairy farm road. Follow Dairy farm rd. .8 miles then left onto Covered Bridge road.

Built in 1888 of the Burr Arch design and a structure length of 186 feet spanning Little Muncy creek, this bridge is in good condition, the bridge is open to traffic, as of 2002 with just a turn around. The bridge is nestled in a small valley with scenic mountains on all sides, you can drift back in time just sitting on the bridge and looking to the beautiful landscape.