Northumberland County

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Northumberland has three covered bridges and one that is on the border of Montour and Northumberland  County (Sam Wagner). Through my  search of Pennsylvania Covered Bridges I found that these are some of the best maintained bridges in the state.

Himmels / Rebuck Covered Bridge

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(GPS N40 43.37  W76 43.19)

Rebuck bridge (also known as Himmels Church bridge) is beautifully situated on a country road in the village of Rebuck, Pa., on a small hill over looking the bridge is Himmels Church.  As I was taking photos on this day the church tower chimes were echoing music over the valley.  What a great tranquil feeling comes over a person listening to these beautiful chimes in such a beautiful setting...

The bridge is located off Pa. Twp. Rt. 442 .4 miles north of state Rt. 3010 and .5 miles east of Rebuck (Washington Twp.)

The bridge was built in 1874 using the multiple Kingpost design, it has a structure length of 43' and crosses Schwaben creek.  The bridge is quite nicely maintained. The painting is eye catching using bach red vertical weather boards and white battens. The bridge is opened to vehicle traffic.

Keefer Station Covered Bridge

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(GPS  N40 52.24  W76 43.39)

Keefer Station bridge is located near the town of Sunbury, Pennsylvania. At the intersection of Market and 11th streets, travel east on 11th St. and pass the Sunbury hospital, approx. 3.5 miles, located on Hill rd. (twp. rd. 698) travel .3 miles to the bridge (Upper Augusta Twp.)

The bridge was built in 1888 using the Burr Arch design. The cost of the bridge was $882.00 and the length of the bridge is 109 ft. The bridge crosses Shamokin creek. At the taking of this photo (2001) this bridge had just been completely refurbished. The only draw back on the beautiful structure is that it exits into a junk yard. This bridge is opened to traffic.

Mertz / Northwood Covered Bridge

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(GPS N40 55.27  W76 50.00)

The Northwood/Mertz bridge is not listed on any map in Pennsylvania, I was fortunate enough to find it through locals who knew the bridges where about. From what I can gather the bridge was built in 1976 the design is of a multiple kingpost truss, the length is 47' 11" and the builder is unknown. It is open to traffic and goes on to private property, I  would hesitate to take my vehicle over this structure. The bridge is located on Mirkwood road, north of state route route 1024 and about 1 mile east of 147 and 3 miles north of  the small town Northumberland.

Rishel Covered Bridge

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(GPS N40 57.63  W76 48.92)

Rishel covered bridge (also known as Montandon bridge) was built in 1830 by John Shriner and Zacheus Braley using the Burr Arch design, it has a structure length of 121 ft. and crosses the Chillisquaque Creek. The bridge is located  on Route # T573 east of Montandon, Pa. The bridge has the distinction of being the oldest covered bridge in the state of Pennsylvania. The bridge was reconstructed in 1982 and is open to traffic.

Sam Wagner Covered Bridge

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(GPS N41 00.11  W76 46.44)

Sam Wagner bridge (also know as Gottlieb Brown) was built in 1881 and is located on Twp rt. 308 east of Potts Grove, it crosses Chillisquaque creek between Northumberland and Montour counties. The structure is of the Burr truss design and is 78' long...This bridge is also open to traffic.