Snyder County

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Aline / Meiserville Covered Bridge

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(GPS N40 40.57  W76 58.75)

Aline bridge is located just west of SR 104 between Meiserville, Chapman Twp. and Aline, Perry Twp. The bridge was by passed in 1982 when a newer model bridge was erected near by. The structure is in fairly good condition and maintained by the county.  It is only open to foot traffic.

The bridge was built in 1884 and spans the Mahntango creek (N. Branch) The length is 60 ft. and the width is 18 ft. The bridge utilizes a Burr arch design and the builder is unknown.

Beavertown /  Dreese Covered Bridge

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(GPS N40 46.54  W77 08.69)

This bridge is located NE of Beavertown off covered Bridge Road, TR600. Go abut 2.5 miles east of Beavertown on US 522 then left 1 mile to the bridge.  The bridge has been by passed with a new road in 1979. We were very happy to see the excellent condition this bridge has been kept in.  Snyder County should be proud of their labor on this bridge along with the well kept landscaping.

The bridge was built in 1870 using the Burr Arch design with multiple king post. Thelength is 95 feet and the width is 14 feet 8 inches. It spans Middle creek and is owned by the County.

Klinepeter / Gross Covered Bridge

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(GPS N40 44.82  W77 12.70)

This bridge is located on Railroad Street in Beaver Springs, Spring Twp.  The bridge was originally built across middle creek, it was moved to it's present location in 1982. The original bridge was built in 1871 using the Burr Truss design.  The bridges length is 100 ft. and the width of 16 feet 4 inches. The builder is unknown. The condition of the bridge is really good and open to vehicle traffic. The Klinepeter is a very impressive bridge spanning the middle creek tributary.

North Oriental Covered Bridge

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(GPS N40 39.71  W77 00.67)
(#38-34-05)  (#38-55-05)

This bridge is located  west of Meiserville on SR2023, 2 miles north of Oriental, Pa., Juniata County. This route connects with SR3001 in Snyder County. Directions to the bridge are as follows. Go 1 mile north of jct. 11/15 on Pa 104, then left 3 miles on SR 2026 to Oriental, then right 2 miles to the bridge. The bridge was built in 1008 using the Queen post with Kingpost.  The bridge had been rebuilt in 1987 after being damaged by a truck. The bridge today (2003) is in fair condition and open to vehicle traffic. The length of the bridge is 62 ft. and the width is 12 ft. 6 inches. The bridge spans the Mahantango creek.  The builder is unknown. The bridge is owned and maintained by the state of Pennsylvania.